Thursday, April 10, 2014

SBI PO 2014 Preparation Tips

State bank of india has announced the new recruitment advertisement for the 1837 Probationary officer for their india branch. If you are graduate and have age more then 21 and less then 30 you can apply for the SBI PO 2014. But as you know last year there were 17 lakh applicants for 1500 PO vacancy and the reason this time, it will be even more for sure.So, to get high marks in such high competition, you have to fight hard for your job. So, here is some Preparation Tips for SBI PO 2014.

SBI PO 2014 Preparation Tips

First of all, you should buy a good book for preparation of SBI PO because a book will give you perfect guide to study for the PO Exam. Which subject to study and for which topics, all this things are well explained in book. you can check our link for best book for SBI Po.

Secondly, you have to prepare a time table for your study. for example, you have to study lots of things and if you have managed the things well then you can easily execute it. Remember, GOAL without plan is nothing, so Do plan your study, and start preparation.

Third, Be focused. I guess you have just 60 days to get for preparation and in meantime you have to read English, reasoning, data interpretation, marketing, computer. Errr, lots of topics and very less time for preparation. So, just focus to your study and follow your time table.

Forth, Revision. Yes, you have to do revision for your daily, weekly and monthly preparation, if you still in learning phase then you have to finish it before april end. After that you have to start practicing the topics again and again. Do revise yourself with the topics you read on daily basis.

Fifth, Do exchange your ideas and queries with some expert or with with this blog even. i mean if you have study problem or query, do ask it. Because having unsolved query will give you more damage in exam.

Sixth, Past exam Papers. Past exam papers solving is the best practice i can give someone if he.she has to crack exam in one go. Because past exam papers have all the level of difficult questions and exact paper pattern that SBI is going to ask so solve past exam papers.if you don't have then we are soon going to provide you.

These are some preparation tips for SBI PO 2014 candidates. if you have any more tips you like to add here, you can add it via below comment box.


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